Ullswater Way, Lake District National Park

Ullswater Way

Within the famous Lake District National Park visitors can find a wide variety of different walks and even extensive hikes to challenge their physical abilities. If, however what you seek is a middle of the road type of walk that will challenge you, yet allow for some leniency, Ullswater way is the walk you have been waiting for. It is the best the park has to offer for a variety of reasons.

Length of the Walk

The entire walk can be a bit daunting for anyone looking for a leisurely stroll. It wraps around Ullswater and encompasses 20 miles of beautiful views of the best of Lake District National Park. The walk will take you through quaint little villages throughout the park and most people take their time along Ullswater way to stop and take pictures of the natural beauty that is within the park.

Alternatives to Simply Walking

Some national parks only give visitors the chance to walk without any other forms of transportation. Ullswater Way gives visitors the chance to rest their weary muscles for a bit and just relax. When you find yourself in need of a rest, but wanting to finish the journey, take time out of walking to board the Ullswater Steamers. These boats take visitors to different parts of Ullswater Way and have some amazing views from the steamers themselves.

You will not soon forget a walk along Ulswater Way. Due to the well-maintained trail and the ability to board the steamers, it is a perfect walk for practically any person no matter their physical ability. Lake District National Park contains some of the most beautiful and abundant lakes within the area and if you want the chance to see the best of the park take the time to walk along Ullswater Way. Those that have, have truly enjoyed the experience, and the 20-mile walk is easily broken up into smaller walks for those that require it.