Stanage Edge from Hathersage, Peak District National Park

Stanage Edge from Hathersage

The village of Hathersage is a bustling tourist town that is jammed packed with people on holidays and during peak season. It can be particularly congested and not always the place to be at such busy times. However, just above the town lies an oasis that not all who venture into the town have the privilege to see. Stanage Edge is the best place to see everything within Peak District National Park, but getting to the summit requires great physical ability.

The Journey

The walk up to Stanage Edge from Hathersage is not just another walk in the park. The entire journey will take you through 9 miles of hike up steep ascents and rocky faces. However, once you have left the city behind, you will be awarded some peace and quiet like no other place on earth. Although there will likely be someone sharing the journey with you, the peace felt while climbing up the mountain is truly worth it.

Who is this Suited For

A hike to Stanage Edge from Hathersage is not for every person, but those that regularly walk up the mountain tend to be the type of people that enjoy a good rock climbing excursion. The challenging nature of this hike enables visitors to push their personal limits and enjoy some of the best rock climbing to be had anywhere in Peak District National Park. The views from the top are amazing and if you do decide to take on this epic climb, be sure to bring a durable camera to capture the moment you reach the top of Stranage Edge from Hathersage. It will be worth it and you will have an excellent record of your accomplishment.

Peak District National Park has many sights to see, but if you would rather avoid the crowds of the villages below and get in touch with the world around you like no other way, a trip to Stanage Edge from Hathersage is the best way to achieve this. Bring plenty of water and check your climbing gear before venturing onto the trail.