South Downs Way, South Downs National Park

South Downs Way

In the whole of England there are 15 national parks on record currently. They offer the chance to see the landscapes from not just a car window, but up close and right beneath our feet. There are many to choose from, but only one is noted at being entirely within a national park. South Downs Way falls within the borders of South Downs National Park and is one of the most spectacular national trails to be found if you are up for the challenge.

The Distance

Unlike simple trail walks that can take visitors merely a few miles, national trails tend to be quite a bit longer and therefore suitable for walkers that are in peak physical condition. South Downs Way is approximately 100 miles in its entirety, but can be broken up into smaller hikes if needed for individuals of limited mobility.

More to See

South Downs Way is far more than just a trail to walk, it takes visitors through some of the most breathtaking landscapes anywhere within Britain. Some of these locations are only available through the tail and therefore quite remarkable to behold. Ancient ruins of a bygone era are popular among visitors and taking your time along your walk to capture these images to remember forever is truly a necessity.

Clear days offer visitors the best views and therefore a check of the weather is in order before venturing out on South Downs Way. Views of small villages and even paragliders in the sky are some of the most popular, but the wildlife and the many butterflies that call the area home are also impressive attractions.

When choosing to venture onto South Downs Way, whether it is for the entire journey or just a small bit, start early in the morning to maximize your viewing potential. It is at this time that the villages are at their quietest and the wildlife is at its most active.