Snowdon is known for one particular thing throughout the UK. It is the highest point in England and Whales. The mountain is not just one mountain, but a series of peaks in which the highest one, Yr Wyddfa is 3,560 ft. at the summit. Visitors to Snowdon tend to only visit the mountain by riding the train, but for those looking for a true challenge, climbing up Snowdon is much more beneficial option.

How to Reach the Top

There is not just one way up the mountain. There are actually six trails. The quickest and sometime the most challenging route is Pyg Track. Along with the Pyg Track visitors wanting to see the top of Snowdon are able to choose from LLanberis Path, Miners’ Track, Watkin Path, Rhyd-Ddu Path, and the Snowdon Ranger Path. It is important to study the trail routes before venturing onto the path so you do not encounter any terrain that you are not comfortable traversing. Rangers are available to help you choose the right route, so please utilize them before venturing on your way.

What to See

Depending on what route you take among the six up Snowdon will determine what views you are awarded along your journey. However, the animals that you will see are not strictly determined by the route taken. Birds such as the Osprey and Falcons are frequent along the mountain. You will also encounter many goats along the way. Another attraction you will encounter is other climbers. It is a little-known fact that those who wish to climb the daunting Mount Everest, use Snowdon as a training ground for the similarities in terrain.

The walk up Snowdon is sure to give you a better appreciation for nature and a little more respect for the mountain itself. Take the time to explore your options before venturing onto the mountain. Even if you do not have the physical ability to climb the mountain, you can take solace in the fact that the train is always running, so you too can enjoy the spectacular views from the summit.