Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay, North York Moors National Park

Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay

North York Moors National Park is a sprawling national park that you could spend days or even weeks exploring all that it has to offer. However, not everyone has the time to devote to such extensive exploration. Sometimes, all we have time for is just a short jaunt into the wilderness for the chance to change the scenery from our busy everyday lives. When you are in this national park, there is a way to see the best without spending such a long time. The trail is known as Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay and here is a bit about it.

Length and Accessibility

North York Moors National Park is huge, but Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay is only 11 miles. It may seem as though it is a difficult journey, but you will be so busy looking at the landscape changing right in front of your eyes, that you the miles will slip away quickly. It should however be noted that the journey is not for everyone. It is considered a moderate hike, but those that have mobility limitations should practice great caution to avoid any injury during the trip.

What to See

Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay is not just a simple walk in the park. During the walk, you will be able to see landscapes such as the crippling heights of the Ravenscar and the Howdale Moor. The classic scenery one would expect while on an excursion through this national park is evident as well with the Scarborough to Whitby railway. When you reach the end of the trail you will find yourself right in the middle of what is known as Robin Hood’s Bay. It is quite today, but this was once an area of true villainy with smugglers bringing their goods into the land in this area.

Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay is a moderate hike that everyone should take while visiting North York Moors. Bring your camera along to capture the many memories that you will no doubt make on this spectacular hike through the land.