Postbridge Circular Walk, Dartmoor National Park

Postbridge Circular Walk

A walk through any national park can be a sensory experience. The sights and smells of the natural world are truly inspiring, but one way to really turn an already spectacular walk into a sensory overload experience is to add a sound track. The natural sounds of nature may be enough for some, but in Dartmoor National Park on Postrbridge Circular Walk, visitors are in for a treat.

More Than Just a Walk

Walking through Postbridge Circular Walk is an experience one should never neglect, but the rangers within the park have come up with a new way for visitors to get a much more influential experience. Visitors are able to go on a walking tour through the walk with the soundtrack of various music pieces to accompany them. Not only are you able to enjoy the music, but visitors often surprised to learn that the author of many of the pieces is a local.

Local Talent

There are many audio tours throughout the world to choose from, but often the composer is unknown or has no real tie to the area. In Postbridge Circular Walk visitors are given the chance to hear music from Seth Lakeman. This folk singer is quite famous in the area and is there to be your guide throughout the walk. With every turn and attraction there is a new track to enjoy while you meander through the winding pathways. Do not forget to stop and take some photos from Heartland Tor that give the most far reaching views of any location within Dartmoor National Park

Postbridge Circular Walk is one that should not be missed. Visitors to Dartmoor are intrigued by the amazing beauty of the natural setting. The fact that the audio tour is available simply ads to the experience. Take the time to enjoy this moderate hike for yourself today along with your friends and family.