Pembrokeshire Coast Path, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Walking is an excellent way to stay healthy. It challenges your body to use all muscle groups and is easy to do. However, many people turn away from walking from pure boredom of their current surroundings. If your morning or even afternoon walk needs a bit of a shake up, change the scenery with a high-energy walk along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

How Hard is It?

Long distance walking is the in thing to do. People from all walks of life are getting healthy and challenging themselves with long distance walking excursions. Pembrokeshire Coast Path is perfect for this. The entire length of the path is 186 miles, but do not let that discourage you from giving it ago. The path is able to be accomplished and has been by many, but it can also be broken up into smaller sections to take full advantage of the breathtaking coastal views without becoming completely exhausted.

What to See

The Pembrokshire Coast Path is among the most beautiful walks anywhere within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. It winds its way through coast lines and beaches of all sorts, but also gives the walker the opportunity to trek through quaint villages along the way. Any person taking on any part of the walk should never neglect to bring along their camera. You will want to take pictures to remember the sights you see.

Great satisfaction does come from the knowledge that you have successfully completed such an extensive walk as Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Bragging rights are a given, but do not let the sheer size of this walk keep you from trying. You may not be able to complete the walk in its entirety, but you can get a great experience and a new perspective on life itself from taking the walk in shifts. It should be noted that parts of this walk are well maintained, but caution should always be taken for those with limited mobility or physical limitations.