Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia National Park

The Place to Visit for Year-Round Enjoyment

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Snowdonia National Park

Form the name Snowdonia National Park you would obviously guess that this national park is only suitable to visit during the frigid winter months, but that is a huge misconception. Snowdonia National Park is an epic adventure spot during the winter, but the 823 square miles that encompasses the park has been perfectly suited for visitors at any time of the year since its establishment in 1953. Here are a few reasons that you should make the trek to this amazing national park.

There are times when you visit a national park and you may not feel like walking throughout the park in search of something to see. Some disabled people can have quite a difficult time navigating the sometimes narrow and no so well maintained trails, but at Snowdonia National Park, there is an alternate form of transportation in the railway system.

Train rides are especially enjoyable to guest because they do not have to put forth a significant amount of effort, but gain access to spectacular views throughout the park. Here at Snowdonia National Park guests can choose from a number of different narrow gauge trains such as the Ffestiniog Railway that has been running since 1832 or the Snowdon Mountain Railway that has been taking guests to the summit of Snowdon Mountain since 1896. If there is something you want to see in Snowdonia National Park, there is likely a railway that can get you there.

Hiking at its Best

A hike through any national park is something to be celebrated. Nature is all around during a hike and the fresh air of the outdoors is something that more people should take advantage of in their everyday lives. Hiking at Snowdonia National Park is an excellent activity because every hike is different. Those that are used to the hiking life may wish to take on one of the many mountain hikes available. Others that may not be as well-adapted may choose a slower paced leisure hike through the low-lying areas of the park. No matter which you choose be sure to take plenty of water and watch for the many animals you are likely to see.

Take to the Water

Land activities are great to do throughout the year, but when the weather heats up, it is time for some water activities as well. No matter if you are looking for a high-energy water sport or more of a leisurely type of water related activity, you will find it in Snowdonia National Park. For the adrenaline junky of the group, you can choose activities such as whitewater rafting along Tryweryn River. There are fees associated with whitewater rafting, but they are only £14 per person. Sailing is an option for those that feel that whitewater rafting is a bit too intense, so you never have to be worried not finding an activity during the heat of summer.


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Snowdonia National Park Climbing

The sport of rock climbing has grown over the years and is now one of the most popular activities to do throughout the world. Here in Snowdonia National Park visitors are able to enjoy rock climbing in a way that is comfortable for them.

Those that are not so experienced can choose from one of the many indoor rock climbing walls with instructors present.

For those that have a little more experience, the national park has rocky cliff faces to climb throughout. There is even an option for those of us who prefer to simply climb a ladder and allow gravity to help us out. The treetop adventure is quite an attraction allowing guests to zip through the trees.

Things to Know

Snowdonia National Park must maintain their opperations throughout the year and instead of relying on entrance fees like other national parks, they have chosen to implement a parking fee. For an entire day of fun, they merely ask that visitors pay a parking fee of £5. There are some areas that do not have a parking fee associated with them, but to prevent you from getting a fine, be sure to understand where you park your vehicle and if there is a fee to pay. There are additional options for people who wish to only spend a few hours in the park, so be sure to pay according to the length of your expected stay.

Camping in Snowdonia National Park is an activity that should not be missed. The warmer months offer mild weather perfect for camping and this national park is full of campgrounds for every type of camper. Whether you are looking for a place to park the RV, a glamping area, or just a simple place to pitch a tent, you will find it in Snowdonia National Park. Each campground has their own set of fees, so plan according to how you want to camp and what amenities you require.

Dominated by the impressive Snowdonia mountain range, discover picturesque villages, steep river gorges and waterfalls and a coastline of fine sandy beaches.

Key areas of interest

  • Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales
  • Rich and varied landscapes including wooded valleys, peatlands and moorlands
  • Historic castles
  • 23 miles of coastline with sand dune backed beaches
  • The Welsh language, spoken by over half the population
  • Just 2 hours from Manchester