Pembrokeshire National Park

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

The Coast Has Never Looked So Good

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Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

People often flock to coastlines for the chance to bask in the cool waters and get a little sun, but there is much more to do in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park than just soak us the fun and sun. This national park winds around the western coast of Wales for 243 square miles and since its establishment in 1952, it has hosted countless people who frequent the area for its coastal charm as well as its amazing views of wild life. There may be other national parks in the area, but if you want it all Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is the place to go. Taking time out of our busy schedules to enjoy nature at its best is what national park visits are all about. It gives us, as well as our children a new found respect for the animals and as much enjoyment as we gain from visiting a national park during any time, that enjoyment is expounded when we take the time to visit a national park during one of their many events. Throughout the year Pembrokeshire Coast National Park hosts events that delight and intrigue their visitors.

Some of these events are cultural experiences such as the art workshops that happen throughout the year, but others are more about learning opportunities such as the Weave a Willow Heart event that takes place March 26. There is never a bad time to take a trip to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, but be sure to check their continually growing events calendar before you arrive, so you are sure to get the most out of your visit.

Animal Watcher’s Paradise

People do not just visit national parks for the opportunity to view just the vegetation or the sun rising over the horizon. They come for the animals and at Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, you will never be disappointed with the animals you can find during your visit. There are some animals that are more prevalent during specific times of the year, but depending on the type of animal you hope to see, you may be able to see any number of bats, sea creatures, and bird species. The park is teaming with wildlife whether you choose to look up in the trees for animals or enjoy a bit of educational opportunities for the children in one of the many shallow pools along the coast line. You will see many animals during your visit, so be sure to pack the camera so you will not miss a shot.

Take to the Water

Since Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is one of the few coastal national parks, visitors are treated to many more activities than some of the more land locked national parks. Apart from the ability to hike the trails that run throughout the park, visitors can enjoy the water by going on a paddling trip around the coast. Paddling is a perfect way to see everything because the marine life is not frightened by the loud nature of a traditional motorized boat. The proper safety equipment is required for any water related excursion so be sure to bring what you need to remain safe the entire time you plan to be on the water.

Dramatic Vistas

One of the best souvenirs to have from a trip is pictures documenting what you seen and did while you were there. Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is among the most beautiful national parks in the world. You will have the opportunity to take pictures of the many wildlife creatures that call the park home, but you may find yourself embracing the jaw dropping views from the coast. The high cliffs and water lapping against the rocks is what epic photography dreams are made of. Keep your camera handy, so you never have to miss a memory.

Things to Know

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Puffin 300x300 Pembrokeshire National Park

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Puffin

National parks come in all types and there are a growing number of them that are not provide a habitat for animals, but humans as well. Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is among the national parks that allow people to purchase property and build homes within the park. Not everyone who visits this national park will choose to become a permanent resident, but it is nice to know that should your desire more than just a visit, it is a possibility.

Like with all national parks, the main focus is preservation. The rangers and volunteers within Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park work to maintain the trails through the park and take care that the animals within thrive. You can do your part, by abiding by all of the park rules and cleaning up after yourself. No matter if you are simply visiting for the day or camping for the night, be sure to leave the park better than when you arrived by disposing of your trash properly and maybe even picking up what others have left behind.

Britain’s only fully coastal National Park with 418km of cliffs, beaches, harbours and coves.

Key areas of interest

  • Long distance walking trail along 300km of coastline
  • Seabirds, seals, dolphins and basking sharks
  • Walking, cycling, horse riding, canoeing and coasteering
  • Prehistoric tombs, Celtic crosses, Iron Age Hill Forts and numerous castles