Peak District National Park

Peak District National Park

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Peak District National Park

Nature lovers flock each year to national parks throughout the world and rightfully so as these places are managed by rangers in order to keep them as natural and friendly to both the public and the animal inhabitants. Peak District National Park is a perfect example of what a national park should be. Over 10 million visitors annually visit this 555-square mile park each year since its establishment in April of 1951. With such an attraction to this area, you can bet there is an endless stream of activities for the whole family. Here are some of the most popular activities to be found in Peak District National Park. When you visit any national park, you are not simply going to just drive around the car friendly areas and view things from the vehicle window. You are going to get out of the vehicle and stretch your legs for a while. Taking a hike through the peaks and valleys of Peak District National Park is a favored activity because there is so much to see. The trails are well-maintained throughout the park and offer a varied degree of difficulty depending on your individual skills. Those that are very fit and want a challenge are able to hike for endless miles through the high peaks of the park while those that many have small children or cannot take on such an epic challenge can stick to the low-lying areas of the park for a more leisurely hike. The possibilities are endless in Peak District National Park.

Bring Your Bike Along

You can see a lot of Peak District National Park while hiking the trails, but sometimes you simply need a faster and more thrilling way to travel. Those who frequent the park tend to bring their bikes along with them because they know that Peak District National Park is the national park to go to for cycling. The range of trails for cyclists are many and unlike other national parks that do not always maintain the trails properly for cyclists, this one ensures that there is no other traffic on the trails along with the cyclists for the utmost in safe travel. Just like with the hiking trails, the cycling trails are well marked and come in a wide range of difficulty levels so you can choose how you want to ride.

Do Not Forget the Horses

Horseback riding is not always available at all national parks as bringing in a large animal such as a horse into some areas can be very dangerous, but here at Peak District National Park, horseback riding is encouraged. They not only encourage the activity, but have an entire equestrian center devoted to ensuring that all guests have what they need for their ride. Even if you do not have a horse of your own, a trip to the equestrian center can set you up with a horse perfect for your experience level and age. Guides as well as teaching tools are available as well. Peak District National Park knows that one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy the park is on the back of a horse and they want all of their guests to be comfortable and happy throughout their visit to the park, so be sure to stop by the equestrian center if horseback riding is on your to do list.

Camping is a Must

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Peak District National Park Peaks

Visiting Peak District National Park during the day is a great experience, but if you find yourself wanting more from your visit, you can choose to camp right in the park. The fees differ depending on what time of the year you choose to stay, but you can choose from a wide range of options when it comes to how you want to camp.

Some people want to truly rough it and therefore wild camping is available free of charges. For those who want a more established camping experience, campgrounds are available where you can bring your own tent or stay in a camping pod for the night. RV sites are available as well if sleeping outside is not on your agenda. Reservations are not always required, but are a good idea as campgrounds can fill up during peak seasons.

Things to Know

Peak District National Park is a wonderful place for the whole family to visit, but if you are unfamiliar with the layout of the park be sure to stop by one of the four visitor’s centers located at different points throughout the park. These are wonderful resources for questions about conservation efforts as well as gaining access to any supplies you may need while you are there. Always know the rules of any national park you visit to ensure that you never harm any of the wildlife in the park or violate any of the conservation efforts by the rangers.

Britain’s first National Park, nestled between the cities of Manchester and Sheffield, is a land of contrasts: dramatic heather moorland hills and rock edges in the north, limestone dales and rivers in the south.

Key areas of interest

  • Dark Peak: gritstone country. Stanage Edge is a hotspot for rock climbers and wildlife watchers
  • White Peak: limestone country. Discover panoramic views from the trail at Parsley Hay
  • Nearly 200 square miles of open access land for walkers to enjoy
  • 34 miles of family-friendly trails ideal for walkers, cyclists and horse riders