Northumberland National Park

Northumberland National Park

An Outdoor Enthusiast’s Dream

Some national parks are established because of the need for wildlife sanctioned land, but that is not always the case. There are times when it is not the animals in need of protection but rather the land itself. Historical lands have been ravaged by thieves and vandals throughout history, but one national park in Northumberland was established to discourage its most precious artifacts from being vandalized and destroyed. Northumberland National Park may not be the biggest at 1,030 sq. kilometers, but it carries with it archeological sites that link us to the past along with some epic outdoor fun to keep everyone entertained.

Into the Water

There are national parks found throughout the world and many of them maintain that the land is for humans, but the water is strictly off limits. This can be quite disappointing for those of us who enjoy time on the water. Northumberland National Park is full of rivers, streams, and lakes that call to the water enthusiast and lucky for them, they can answer that call in this national park with water sports galore.

Not only are you allowed to kayak and canoe along the waterways of Northumberland National Park, but with the wind at your back, you can sale across these waterways as well. Whether you are an avid water sports enthusiast or simply a novice, you can find your perfect speed within this national park. Even if water sports are not your thing, you can enjoy the water with wild and unhindered swimming on a hot summer afternoon.

Horseback Riding

One of the oldest forms of transportation is still one of the best when you visit Northumberland National Park. Horses have roamed the wild areas of countries throughout the world for hundreds of years. They are well adapted to multiple types of terrain and that is the reason they make for a great way to see all there is to see in Northumberland National Park. Horseback riding is a favorite way for visitors to see the park without the wear and tear on our bodies that some hiking excursions can bring about. Taking a horse along the paths through the park will give you a way to get where you are going slowly and easily so you can take in the sights in style. Novice horse riders should not fear a trek for lack of experience. Trainers and teachers will give you the training you need to ride in style while you are in the park.


It is an enjoyable experience to take on the hiking trails of Northumberland National Park, but what is more fun than simply walking along the trails is doing it with a unique purpose. Geocaching has become quite a trend these days and if you do not know exactly what the activity consists of, it is merely an updated version of the scavenger hunt that many of us enjoyed as children. What makes geocaching so fun for this generation is the fact that in order to find the hidden objects, you use a GPS tracker. You then replace the object so others can find them and continue the game. Geocaching is a fun experience for the entire family and available inside Northumberland National Park. Kids as well as adults will enjoy this family friendly and quite unique activity.

Go Running

The spirit of competition is never more alive in Northumberland National Park than during the Chevy Chase. This annual run takes place on the first Saturday in July and is quite a popular event. The entire run takes runners over a 20-mile run through some of the most picturesque areas of the park and is the longest annual run the park has throughout the year, but you do not have to wait until July to have a run in the park. Northumberland National Park is a mecca for runners throughout the year, so join up with a few friends and go for a run.

Things to Know

There is an entrance fee to come into Northumberland National Park, but you will be pleased to know that it is relatively mild in comparison to many of the other parks. For an adult, the entrance fee is only £4.10, a child is only £2,50, and a family pass for 2 adults and up to three children is only £10.70. There are additional fees for other services within the park including concession fees which start out at £3.70.

Staying in Northumberland is a particularly enjoyable activity and quite adaptive to many different types of groups. Those that choose to rough it a little can choose to camp and those that prefer a bit more indoor accommodation, can opt for one of the many hotels and cabins within the borders of the park. You are sure to love your stay no matter which option you choose, but always obey the signs and regulations posted throughout the park to keep you and the wildlife as safe as possible.

England’s most tranquil area with rolling hills, gentle mountains and internationally recognised dark skies.

Key areas of interest

  • Remote tranquil hills and mountains
  • Northumberland Dark Sky Park, the largest area of protected night sky in Europe
  • Hadrian’s Wall Roman remains
  • Wild mountain goats
  • Less than an hour from Newcastle