North York Moors National Park

North York Moors National Park

Everything You Could Want from a National Park and More

North York Moors National Park is not as old as many of the other national parks you may have visited. It was originally established as a national park in 1952 and encompasses 552 square miles of truly beautiful landscape. The area is in North Yorkshire England and contains a wide variety of different land areas including cliffs, valleys, and wetlands so it is suitable for practically any type of traveler. It is particularly popular for families due to its proximately to the North Sea. There is so much to see and do in North York Moors National Park. Here are a few ideas to get you started planning your trip into this pristine national park.

Bring the Camera

If you are like most travelers, you pack the camera to capture family moments, but if you are visiting North York Moors National Park, you will want to make certain that the camera is the first thing you pack because you will be capturing much more than just the funny things your kids do throughout your journey. North Moors National Park is full of dramatic views that you will not want to miss out on. The views change throughout the year as well, so there is not a bad time to visit this national park. Whether you choose to take photos of the fog at Blakey Ride on a cool morning or the awe-inspiring cliffs of Robbin Hood’s Bay you will capture some of the best views to be had anywhere in England or anywhere in the world for that matter.

Relax and Watch the World Go By

A visit to North Moors National Park will show you that there is much more to this national park than just the ability to hike, camp, and view animals. North Moors National Park is also home to North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Although railway travel has diminished from its heyday many years ago, it is still a wonderful and unique way to see the countryside. This is the perfect way to enjoy the views if you or a member of your group happen to be inhibited by a disability of some sort. There is a time to hike, but there is also a time to relax and let the engineer do all the work for you.

The train ride is an opportunity to not only experience a ride on the rails, but if your schedule and budget allows, you and your children can even ride along with the conductor in the cabin to gain an appreciation and knowledge of the train industry from the most unique perspective. There are not many places that give you that opportunity and therefore it is something you should take full advantage of while in North York Moors National Park

Have an Adventure

Few opportunities within a national park give you the ability to fly. There are hikes to be found everywhere and even some national parks that will allow you to go underground, but few will encourage visitors to fly through the trees. At North York Moors National Park, you can fly through the trees and have a memorable adventure for the whole family with the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure and Forest Segway.

The zip lines that run through the park give visitors the opportunity to see nature from a very unlikely avenue. Flying through the trees is a great way to spend the afternoon and an activity that you will want to do again and again. No matter the age range within your group, you can find a zip line opportunity to fit. They have small and slower ones for the children and hair raising speed tracks for those with the need for a true adrenaline rush, so do not worry about your ability to take part. At North York Moors National Park, everyone can have the time of their lives.

Things to Know

Traveling to any national park is fun and exciting, but there are always precautions that every visitor must take. Before you leave for your trip, determine the type of lodging you will need for your stay. Whether you want to camp in the outdoors or have a cozy bed for the night, you can find it in North York Moors National Park, but you will want to be prepared. Bring all supplies you will need. There are some supply areas within the park, but they are limited, so it is best to have your own on hand.

It is also a good idea to research the kind of animals you may see in North York Moors National Park. There are many different species and they all have their preferred locations to live within the park, so it is a good idea to be able to recognize potential dens for these animals, so you will not disturb their home. As always keep a safe distance between you and the animals so as not to startle them or cause them stress in any way.

Wide open moors, big skies, amazing swathes of purple heather, and a beautiful coastline with traditional fishing villages, cliffs and beaches.

Key areas of interest

  • Heritage in action, from steam railway to artisan crafts
  • Enticing landscapes with fantastic cycling and walking
  • Peaceful woodlands, ancient trees, tranquil dales
  • Moorland birds, bluebells and native wild daffodils
  • Seaside breaks at Robin Hood’s Bay and Staithes
  • Less than an hour from York