Combe Martin and the Hangmans, Exmoor National Park

Combe Martin and the Hangmans

The seaside village of Combe Martin is a treasured place for visitors of Exmoor national Park, but it is much more than a tourist town and a great place to get a fish dinner. Combe Martin and the Hangmans is the best walk to be found anywhere in Exmoor National Park. What makes it so special is the fact that most people have little trouble participating as this walk is among the more moderate walks to be had.

What You Can See

Throughout the national park, visitors can be assured they will see a lot of wildlife, but along Combe Martin and the Hangmans, the views and local wildlife are the largest attractions. Since the trail is along a seaside area you can see many of the sea creatures one would expect with many species of fish for a colorful addition to any photo album. However, it is the natural features of the land that are more attractive.

Combe Martin and the Hangmans is a rich area full of minerals from a past of mining in the area. The walk will take you along many different hills and valleys along the 5-mile journey where the mineral rich rocks glow in the sunlight. There is also the ability to climb Britain’s highest sea cliff along the coast at the Great Hangmans. It is a walk to remember and one that visitors will want to take again and again.

A walk through Combe Martin and the Hangmans is something that everyone will remember and whether you are young, old, or somewhere in the middle, if you are up to it, this moderate walk is for you. Give yourself the gift of exercise all while taking in some of the best scenery Britain has to offer. Both your body and your mind will surly thank you.