Bremish Valley and Cockrane Pike, Northumberland National Park

Breamish Valley and Cochrane Pike

A great many walks through national parks require that the one walking basically hike up a mountain or down to a valley and then back the exact same way they came. Breamish Valley and Cochrane Pike give the hiker more of a more well-rounded experience with a circular walk. This moderate 4-mile hike is one that will take you on a journey through the hearth of Northumberland National Park with an ever changing view of the landscape.

Living History

Sometimes a history lesson is gained through a long and boring guided tour through a museum, but it is important to remember that history is all around us. It has certainly left its mark in Northumberland National Park along Breamish Valley and the Cochrane Pike. The remains of the Bronze Age can be seen here through two burials at Turf Knowe and even more history is found with the hut circles on Cochrane Pike. Bring along your camera because you are going to want to remember it all.

The Birds

National parks are often famous for specific wildlife species and within Breamish Valley and Cochrane Pike you will find their famous species of birds. Birds such as the Skylarks and Red Kites are frequent within the area, so if you have a keen eye for these birds, you can get the shot you have always dreamed of.

Take the time to explore the four-mile circular walk of Breamish Valley and Cochrane Pike. You and your family will enjoy the opportunity to take on the moderate hike and see the views change right before your eyes. You may have had many spectacular walks through a variety of national parks, but none will capture your attention quite like that of Breamish Valley and Cochrane Pike. Even if you are not an expert hiker, you will find the hike along the trail remarkably easy and accessible to multiple fitness and ability levels.