Blackwater Arboretum Trail, New Forest National Park

Blackwater Arboretum Trail

Some people have the ability to walk and hike for hundreds of miles without any thought of what the trail may be like. Others have a lot more to consider such as personal limitations when it comes to taking on trails of any kind. The national park system has worked diligently to provide information about trails so that no one gets stuck due to their physical ability. Even if you are not at top physical condition or have a physical disability, you can enjoy many trails throughout the national park systems. Blackwater Arboretum Trail in New Forest National Park is the perfect example of an easy trail for all.

About the Trail

Blackwater Arboretum Trail is perfect for all experience and ability levels due to its easy grades. There are no steep hills to contend with and the trail is kept to the highest maintenance order by the park rangers. What makes this trail so special however is the scenery throughout the walk. Visitors are able to walk beneath Douglas firs and Redwoods that date back to the 1850s. These giant trees are some of the most spectacular beasts in existence and not all national parks possess such natural remarkable treasures.

How Easy Is It?

People are still sometimes intimidated by walking trails when someone states that they are easy. This is due to the fact that such a term is different for many people. Rest assured that the Blackwater Arboretum Trail is easy for all visitors. The slightly sloping trail only lifts to an elevation of 39 ft. and even the slowest walkers only have to walk for 1.10 miles. It is an easy, yet truly pleasant experience to be had within the park.

New Forest National Park is full of walking trails that take visitors through a wide variety of landscapes. Rangers encourage visitors to explore, but keep in mind their own personal limitations. Take the time to explore Blackwater Arboretum Trail. It is an experience that you will not soon forget.