Beacons Way, Brecon Beacons National Park

Beacons Way

Each national park has their individual features as well as their own walks that take visitors throughout the park. Brecon Beacons National Park has many walks to choose from, but if a challenge is in order and a simply stroll simply will not do, turn to Beacons Way.

What is It?

Beacons Way is not just a stroll through the wilderness, but rather an epic journey for those seeking a challenge. The entire trail encompasses 95 miles of the best of Brecon Beacons, but is not just a strait forward walk. The trail is divided up for the convenience of visitors. Those that choose to take the trail on in its entirety are able to take on the full journey in 8 days with Beacons Way being divided into eight sections. It is possible to do the entire walk, but those that have mobility restrictions or are not in peak physical health can take on just a piece or two.

What to See?

Walking through a national park enables visitors to slow down and take in all the sights. The scenery throughout Beacons Way changes as visitors move along the pathways. One of the most notable sights is Llanthony Abby. The ruins are a particularly popular photo opportunity for visitors and a welcomed rest after a lot of walking. Another site for those that venture that far is the chance to have a view from one of the two challenging summits along the way. Both Pen y Fan and Corn Du may be a bit of a challenge to climb, but the rewards are the views from the top.

Beacons way is not for every hiker and should be taken on with extreme caution. Visitors hike through very remote locations and any accident that calls for a rescue can be deadly as it will take rescuers a lot of time to find any visitor. Take the time to examine you own individual physical ability before attempting to walk Beacons Way and if need be, do split the trip into individual day trips, so you still get to see everything.