Barton Broad Boardwalk, Broads National Park

Barton Broad Boardwalk

Walking through a national park is an experienced that should not be missed. Unfortunately, not all walks are accessible to all people. Some trails are simply too difficult for people with limited mobility. Barton Broad Boardwalk is the perfect walking experience within Broads National Park for anyone who may have a bit of trouble hiking through certain areas.


Barton Broad Boardwalk has made a name for itself among the easiest walks within the UK national park system. The primary reason for this is the accessibility of the trail. Rangers regularly maintain the trail to ensure that no problems arise for guests looking to enjoy a bit of the outdoors. The trail is quite wide and easily accommodates wheelchairs and buggies for family excursions. In some of the more rustic areas, visitors will find that the trail is built up to resemble a road. The trail contains very little hills to contend with, so even the least mobile person can easily maneuver throughout the pathways.

What You Can See

Some national parks only allow for the best discoveries to be made through the roughest of excursions. Barton National Park is among the few that allow all visitors the opportunity to discover the true beauty of the land. Barton Broad Boardwalk maintains an air of mystery as it was not discovered until quite recently. Visitors are given the chance to see wildlife along the trail in their natural habitat. If that were not enough, there is also the simple sound of the wind flowing through the trees that give visitors a very calm feeling throughout their journey.

Take the time to explore one of the most spectacular national parks anywhere in the world. Broads National Park is an oasis for anyone looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. No matter the experience, fitness, or mobility level of any visitor, they are able to stroll along the Barton Broad Boardwalk with ease. This is one trail that truly should not be missed.