Aygarth Falls and Freeholders Wood, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Aysgarth Falls and Freeholders Wood


Within the Yorkshire Dales National Park visitors can enjoy a wide variety of landscapes and scenic views, but if you wish for your national park journey to be a little easier to take, Aysgarth Falls and Freeholders’ Wood is the walk for you.

A Famous History

One of the best films of the 90s was Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. The film included big name celebrities such as Kevin Costner and was a truly inspiring movie. However, the scenery often gets much less credibility than it deserves. The waterfall scenes are spectacular and you can thank Aysgarth Falls and Freeholders’ Woods for the beautiful shots. The triple water fall is a feature within many scenes of the film.


People often think of waterfalls only being able to be accessed on long hikes to remote locations, but Aysgarth Falls and Freeholders’ Woods are among the most accessible areas within the park. Wide and well-maintained trails give the ability of anyone with limited mobility and even families with buggies easy access to the beautiful setting. Visitors often get the chance to see wildlife such as roe deer and red squirrels very up close and in their natural setting.

Join a Walking Group

Many people are reluctant to take on any hike along and therefore resort to looking for friends or family to enjoy the hike with. This is a good idea for any hike for safety reasons, but if you happen to be short of friends or not particularly wanting to be around your family, walking groups are a frequent phenomenon to Aysgarth Falls and Freeholders’ wood.

The world is a beautiful place and Aysgarth Falls and Freeholders’ Wood is just one example of the sheer beauty in the natural world. Take the time the next time you are in Yorkshire Dales National Park to take an easy stroll to this famous and picturesque region of the park.